Those who asked us to take care of this project wanted a marine design that was reminiscent of life on a boat.

Those who asked us to take care of this project wanted a marine design that was reminiscent of life on a boat.

We focused our work in making sure these elements were there and brought the casual air of a vacation home to the space, but with the elegance of something that doesn't look like a set or themed recreation.

Like in a painting, we worked as if the whole living area was part of a landscape.

We reproduced the idea of a boat's interior with the washbasin and the columns; we simulated an island with the black kitchen island that stands in the middle of the room; and the extraction hood with warm light represented the lighthouse that any sea journey requires.

Although all these sea ideas are present, we made sure that none of them had enough weight to diminish elegance and subtlety to the space.

For example, to recreate the effect of a typical boat bath, we had the doors of the cabinets in the kitchen go higher than the cooktop, a highly laborious job that was worthwhile as it provided a delicate finish.

The sofas and bonfire give a warm, but also fresh atmosphere to the place and easily reminds us of the interior of a seaside residential home.


Technical information:

  • The 19 mm thick furniture is of damp-proof fibreboard and anthracite finish.
  • The 20 mm thick cooktop is from the brand Dekton, the model Kelya (black stone imitation with white grain).
  • Both the drawer and hinge are the last Blum model and are finished in anthracite and titan, respectively.
  • The doors are finished with melanin.

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